how to care for your flowers


Here are some tips to help your flowers last longer in Singapore’s hot tropical climate!

1. Ensure your flowers always have access to clean, fresh water! This means placing unwrapped bouquets in a clean vase of water asap, and changing the water regularly (everyday or every other day).

2. Give the stems a 1 - 2cm clean, diagonal snip every 1 - 2 days! Flowers and plants begin to heal themselves once cut (like how our wounds heal), obstructing the flow of water. Re-cutting the stems allows for a continuous flow of water while cutting at a diagonal angle creates greater surface area for water absorption.

3. Add flower food to provide nutrients & keep bacteria at bay. Add the complimentary sachet of flower food that comes with each Pretty Wild bouquet/ vase to clean water. Make sure to follow the guidelines on the sachet on the appropriate proportion of flower food to water. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INGEST as some of you have reportedly mistaken the satchets for sugar/ sweets!

4. Place the flowers in a cool, well-ventilated spot. Avoid placing your flowers under direct sunlight (most flowers don’t do well in heat); or directly under the air-con/ fan (they will dehydrate and perish more quickly).

Lastly, anything given extra love and attention will surely be happier and thrive better! :)





Hydrangeas are water-loving and can absorb water from their petals. They are generally long-lasting but occasionally temperamental!

Should they wilt prematurely, flip them upside down and soak the petals in a bowl of water for at least 30 min and they should start to revive. Alternatively, wet hydrangea petals with a spray bottle.



Tulips are very elegant but generally do not have a long lifespan. As they do not take well to heat, display them in a cool area to prolong their longevity. 

Tulips also continue to grow taller towards the light even after they are cut. So remember to choose an appropriately tall vase that supports their soft stems so that they do not bend over or droop excessively.