Flower Care

Tips to help your flowers last longer in Singapore’s hot tropical climate!

  1. Ensure your flowers always have access to clean, fresh water! Transfer unwrapped bouquets to a clean vase of water asap, and change out the water regularly/ everyday!

  2. Give the stems a 1 - 2cm clean, diagonal snip every 1 - 2 days! Flowers begin to heal themselves once cut, obstructing the flow of water. Re-cutting the stems allows for a continuous flow of water while cutting at an angle creates greater surface area for water absorption.

  3. Add flower food to provide nutrients & keep bacteria at bay. Your Pretty Wild arrangement comes with a complementary pack of flower food. Follow the instructions on how much flower food to add to the water!

  4. Place the flowers in a cool, well-ventilated spot. Avoid placing your flowers under direct sunlight or direct air-con drafts as they will dehydrate and perish more quickly.

P/S: Anything given love and attention will surely be happier and thrive better! :)